Friday, March 1, 2013

Chime For Change

Have you heard of Gucci's ad campaign, Chime For Change?

First off, it's not a fashion campaign.  The goal of Chime For Change is to empower and unite women across the world in seeking equal rights in justice, health, and education.

The video posted below states that the ultimate goal of the campaign is to provide a world where "every girl has the right to go to school.  Every woman has access to the care she needs. And girls and women everywhere are protected and celebrated."

I love this idea.  I think that often times we as women do not necessarily recognize how far we still have to go.  There are women all over the world who are not seen as actual people but rather as objects.  They do not have the rights that they innately deserve and they are not given the respect that they are owed.  This kind of mistreatment is evident in every country and in every corner of the world.

The campaign is headed my Beyonce Knowles, Selma Hayek, and Frida Giannini.
If you opt to follow Chime For Change expect 10 short films narrated by both Beyonce and Selma Hayek showcasing the power that women hold and the potential that is in all of us.

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