Friday, February 15, 2013


Currently Drinking: Peach Tea. Found this in my pantry the other day and have fallen in love with it! Tastes amazing, smells amazing, just all around amazing!

Currently Needing: Everything I see on Pinterest...And to desperately go to the grocery store since I have no food in my kitchen.

Currently Wishing For: My iPad to get here! Tuesday can't come soon enough!!

Current Triumph: Getting through Valentine's Day without wanting to kill anyone....but I'm not bitter

Currently Dreading: All of the readings I have to do! They just keep piling up and I just keep putting it all off.

Currently Loving: Roxi....of course. She had an upset stomach last night and couldn't sleep. I think it's time to change the love bug's food.

Currently Wearing: An oversized sweatshirt, jeans and my slippers/moccasins. And yes I will be wearing my "slippers" to the store later on today.

Current Weekend Plans: Working til 2am tonight (yuck!) and then hitting the town tomorrow night with my single ladies.  And possibly going to see Beautiful Creatures tomorrow afternoon with the roommate.

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