Thursday, February 14, 2013

February 14th

It's Valentine's Day, or Single's Awareness Day, or just February 14th if you don't play into the hype.

I will be spending my Valentine's Day at work catching up on some reading for school. I had originally wanted to spend Valentine's Day with my dog and a glass, well probably a bottle, of wine but getting paid do homework is a nice alternative.

I have never had a Valentine so spending this Hallmark Holiday alone is nothing new for me.  I admit that this time every year I get a little mournful about my perpetually single status and question if I will ever find someone or if I will die alone. A little dramatic, I know.

The truth is, generally I am very content being single.  There are time when I wish I had a significant other, mostly when I'm shoveling the sidewalk at 7am in the freezing cold, but I love my life right now and I don't think I could fit another person into my crazy schedule at this point.

Maybe next year will be different for me, but I kind of doubt it.... 

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