Thursday, January 31, 2013

Do You Need A FaceWash?

Before going on an interview everyone always checks to make sure everything is perfect. You have the perfect outfit, you smell good (hopefully), not a hair is out of place and your resume has been triple checked and then checked once more for some security.  Well one thing that a lot of people forget to check before headed out the door is their Facebook.

During one of my summer classes we discussed how prevalent social media is now days and how employers are checking out your profile now more than ever. It's kind of like they are scoping you out like you scoped out that hottie that sits next to you in your stats class.

Now my Facebook is far from perfect. I definitely have some pictures and posts up there that might raise a few eyebrows. This is why I have practically everything on my profile set to private.  I've become super anal about it all just in case someone decides to tag me in a photo from Sophomore year in less than ideal circumstances.

I've also changed the spelling of my name online. This can get a little confusing when meeting new people but it's for the best.  The harder it is for them to find you, the harder it is for them to judge you off of some picture that was taken at a party 3 years ago right after what's-his-face broke up with you.

Well in case those little precautions don't workout there is always FaceWash.  FaceWash is a new site (still in BETA testing) that explores the ins and outs of your profile and brings up anything that might be questionable.  Now it's not totally perfect. It looks for key words but doesn't examine the context of the conversation or photo.  But, it does bring some things to your attention that you might want to make private of just delete.

FaceWash also lets you customize your search for key words you might not want on there. I certainly can appreciate this new Facebook App and definitely recommend it to all of you.

Your online presence speaks volumes of who you really are and can be the deciding factor in whether you get a job or not.

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