Wednesday, January 2, 2013

10 Ways To Improve Your Month

It's a new year which means new opportunities to take and memories to make.  Everyone makes New Year's Resolutions that we all hope to stick to but I think of those as more larger, long term goals. It's important to make smaller goals each month.

So here's my list for January. Feel free to follow along with me or to add your own goals in the comments below!

1. Organize my room.

2. Try a new makeup routine.

3. Organize my closet/dresser!! It would be nice to not have my drawers busting at the seams.

4. Drink more water!

5. Cut down on the fast food. If I could eat McDonald's every day I would!

6. Start training for the Tough Mudder.

7. Set up a schedule for work. No more running around the last minute trying to finish everything.

8. Eat out less.

9. Workout in the mornings.

10. Blog more.

 What's on your list?

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