Tuesday, December 18, 2012

D.I.Y Mustache Mugs

Do It Yourself Mustache Mug.

What you need:

Acrylic Paint
A Ceramic Mug
A Mustache For Reference
A Sharpie
Paint Brushes

Mustaches are a huge inside joke at my internship.  Everyone has a little bit of an obsession. 

So my roommate and I were looking for an easy and cheap gift to get everyone we work with and we came up with the mustache mug!

I've seen tutorials for these on Pinterest using a sharpie but they DO NOT work, unless you are using an acrylic sharpie and then in that case they do.

We opted for acrylic paint. My roommate is an art major and she just had a lot of this stuff lying around. I think they can be a little expensive depending on the brand but she said that if you buy the tiny bottles then it's super affordable.  You can get them at any craft store.

We just googled Mustaches and found an image for reference and then used a sharpie to draw a basic outline on the mugs. If you mess this part off all you have to do is rub really hard with your thumb and it will come right off, this is why regular sharpies don't work!

Then we just colored in the lines with the paint.  If you mess up on this part, the paint will scratch off after it dries or you can just rub it off with a paper towel.  

We also added a funny phrase on the back of each mug to make it more personal. This part might look better (and be easier) with an acrylic sharpie but oh well!

Please note that with these mugs you have to wash them by hand or else the paint will come off.  We could have added an acrylic top coat but we didn't have the time to go search for one.

So here you have it. The finished products.  The bowl on the end says "My Stache" on the back. We made this one for our Director Of Operations. She can write down good things that happen to her throughout the year and put them in there to read later on. 

The rainbow one is for our Theatre Manager (my boss). We asked him if he could have a mustache in any color what would it be and he said "is rainbow an option?" On the back it says "Mustache Man". Right before November he grew a handle bar mustache. It was epic.

Enjoy these super easy (and super cute) holiday gifts!

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