Sunday, December 9, 2012

Procrastination Central

After writing my post on study tips I decided to take my own advice and bundle up for my trek across campus to the library.  

Pardon my incredibly messy and unorganized closet
Studying is so difficult when you have no motivation. I was mostly people watching and thinking of pretty much anything that I would rather be doing.

I somehow managed to finish the majority of my study guide for my Physical Geography exam on Friday and only got on Facebook twice! Go me!

Such a hard worker
Don't you just love how decorative my notes are
I admit I looked a little ridiculous adding hearts and stars all over my notes but I can't help it if I like them to look pretty!

As for music I stuck to some Wiz Khalifa and Macklemore. Something about hip hop just gets me in the mood to learn about alluvial fans and meandering streams.

My motivation to finish this study guide is at a 0 right now. I honestly don't see how knowing the characteristics of an arid climate or what a drainage basin is will make me a better person or student.

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