Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy Pants

Don't worry....BE HAPPY!

Ah it's finals week, well technically my finals don't start until Thursday but that's still part of the week! Finals week for me usually means stressing out, throwing basic hygiene out the window and not caring what I look like.  I've decided to abolish those negativities and cary on about my week as usual.

This sudden burst of positivity is probably because I only have 2 finals and all of my projects were finished and turned in last week.  The only final I'm nervous about is my Geography final on Friday.  I'm so bad at science related things it isn't even funny....that's probably why I'm a communication major and not an engineer. 

Regardless, I'm taking everything in stride and staying my usual happy self this week. I hope everyone can look at the positive side of things as the semester nears an end!!!

I'm hoping to embrace some creativity and document this week in photos (yay Instagram!)

Oh Instagram, if you aren't you should totally follow me! My username is: melliott804

We'll see how that goes. Usually I forget or get self-conscious taking pictures of my coffee or doughnut. Oh that reminds me, free doughnuts at work this week!

I think I missed them today but I still get coffee and tea tonight at work!

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